Reconciliation between the General and Chief Minister-这本书不错哟,强烈推荐!

Reconciliation between the General and Chief Minister

作者 (Author) Sima Qian
等级 (MML) MM LEVEL: 4.3
年级 (IL) Lower Grades (LG K-3)
字数 (Words) 1064
类型 (Fiction) Fiction
书号 (ISBN)
系列 (Series) Chinese stories;
“Reconciliation between the General and Chief Minister”, adapted from “Bibliographies of Lian Po and Lin Xiangru” in Sima Qian’s Records of the Grand Historian, consists of three stories: “Returning the Jade Intact to the State of Zhao”, “The Meeting at Mianchi”, and “Bearing a Birch Rod to Offer a Humble Apology”. During the Warring States Period (475BC-221BC), Lian Po, a prominent general of the State of Zhao, fought bravely for his state throughout the country and achieved numerous brilliant military victories. Lin Xiangru, the chief minister of Zhao, respected Lian Po deeply, but was misunderstood by him. Lian Po believed that, thanks to his silver tongue, Lin Xiangru had been able to return the jade intact to the State of Zhao and bold to confront King of the State of Qin at the meeting of Mianchi. Lin Xiangru knew that the powerful State of Qin had refrained itself from attacking the State of Zhao in fear of General Lian Po and him. He also realized that an unharmonious relationship between the two of them would certainly weaken Zhao’s power and leave King of Qin an opportunity to attack Zhao, so he endured Lian Po's provocations time after time. Later, Lian Po recognized Lin Xiangru’s outstanding diplomatic talent and open-mindedness in putting the state's interests over his personal gains and losses. Then he bore a birch rod at his back and went to Lin Xiangru’s residence to confess his faults and offer an apology. From that moment on, the two decided to let bygones be bygones and made a concerted effort to protect the State of Zhao. Since then, the historical story of “The Reconciliation between the General and the Chief Minister to Protect the State” has been praised far and wide.


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